Mooinjer Veggey
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Mooinjer Veggey is an educational charity promoting knowledge and use of Manx Gaelic to children from early years upwards.
Mooinjer Veggey runs registered nurseries throughout the Isle of Man where children have the  chance to  learn some Manx Gaelic. The nurseries are located at Braddan, Ballasalla, Willaston, Ashley Hill and Ballacottier. MV also assists in the running of the Manx Gaelic School, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh at St. John's. All are registered with the DSC.
Recortyssit ayns Mannin Earroo 100649C. Recortyssit ny Sheshaght Ghiastyllagh Earroo 793. Co-lught kianlt liorish Gialdinys.
Oik Recortyssit: 42 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk Michael IM6 1HU
Stiureyderyn: P.A Gawne,D. Saunders, S. Shimmin, C. Caley, S. Loach, C. Glynn- Riley, R.Long, J.Martin.